Welcome to my website! I’m Evelyn Vargas.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been drawing every chance I can get. Back then, I already knew I wanted to do something creative with my life and photography gradually became an extension of my artistic expression. I am a self-taught artist, a ‘primitive’ in a sophisticated world. My artwork is fresh, natural, simple and imaginative. Spontaneity, freedom and richness of colour are characteristic of my work. They are enhanced by the elements of nature with historical significance. My style has been described as sensitive yet powerful, with a playful twist.

After studying business administration, travelling the world and working in Mexico and Ireland, I decided to settle in Australia and return to my passion of photography, fine-tuning it with a degree in Photo Imaging from RMIT University in Melbourne. As a Photographer, my work is defined by a unique blend of light contrasts, sharp focus, varying angles and creative compositions. I love an image full of graphic elements… think colour, lines, shape, texture, space and form. I draw inspiration from the work of other great artist and designers. I love the conceptual nature of Contemporary Art, and I’ve developed an understanding of form and space from observing contemporary architecture.

I also draw inspiration from the world around me. While I’m yet to meet a photographer who doesn’t like travelling, I too love travelling with my camera. For me, venturing into the unknown and photographing new people and places is enthralling. I love documenting inspiring encounters, as I experience new landscapes, cultures and histories.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to work together


City of Belmont Art Awards – Group Exhibition, The Glasshouse Gallery, Perth, 2021

Refuse to Bake – Group Exhibition, Kidogo Arthouse, Perth, 2014

Alternative Spaces – Group Exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, 2011

Escuela Activa de Fotografia – Group Exhibition, Mexico City, 2010